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CoreCumin® 30 mL PRO with Hydrolyzed Rice Bran

Regular price $130.00
CoreCumin® Pro with Hydrolyzed Rice Bran is a powerful blend of our flagship curcumin product with a specially hydrolyzed rice bran that has substantial documented effects on the immune system and other key indicators of health status and is now more bioavailable with our proprietary technology.*

Rice bran is known to have several hundred nutrients, phytochemicals, and other beneficial compounds. Our team has shown that hydrolyzed rice bran demonstrates unique immune system benefits, including enhancing natural killer cell killing capacity (your first line of defense against invaders), regulating important immune system signaling proteins called cytokines and growth factors (e.g., TNF-α and VEGF), and improving the levels of other immune system components, called the T cells, which are also important for your defense (e.g., CD4+ and CD8+).

Other scientists around the world have also demonstrated the remarkable effects of hydrolyzed rice bran in both pre-clinical (e.g., in cells and animals) studies and in humans, such as a decrease in oxidative stress (i.e., functioning as an antioxidant), increases in apoptosis, or normal programmed death, or diseased cells, greater survivability of healthy cells, a higher quality of life (e.g., improved appetite and weight control), reduced inflammation, and improvements in other immune system components (e.g., dendritic cells, which are very important for your defense by working in unison with T cells to destroy invaders). Thus, thanks to our technological breakthroughs, we can now deliver to you a micellized, highly-absorbable curcumin and rice bran in the same product.

Given what has been documented about both of these key compounds, we wanted to combine them together to bring you an evidenced-based, technologically-superior product to help support your health and in particular the functioning of your immune system. CoreCumin® with Hydrolyzed Rice Bran will be one of your go-to products for achieving your health goals.

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