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CoreCumin® 30 mL PRO with BiAloe®

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CoreCumin® Pro with BiAloe® is a phenomenal combination of our flagship curcumin product with the most bioavailable, highest-concentrated source of aloe vera poly acetyl mannans (i.e., complex polysaccharides) on the market that has been enhanced even further by our proprietary technology.*

Why is it important for you to get the most bioavailable, highest-concentrated polysaccharides from aloe vera? These mannans or polysaccharides are the key beneficial components of aloe vera. Even though these polysaccharides were not classified until much more recently, their positive effects explain why humans have been using aloe vera for thousands of years. Although you might think that aloe vera is best used topically or on the skin for a burn, cut, or wound, the reality is that consuming the aloe vera mannans creates a far more dynamic response within our cells. Additionally, after the polysaccharides are extracted with proprietary processing techniques from the aloe vera inner leaf, eliminating the water and other less meaningful constituents, and concentrated into a highly-bioavailable powder, you have a very potent product that enhances immune system functioning.

BiAloe® is also a key component of CogniNurish®, which has been documented to show significant immune system improvements. Additionally, BiAloe® has been documented in many studies to support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels, gastrointestinal functioning, and antioxidant activities. Thus, we combine novel technologies to bring you the most bioavailable forms of curcumin and aloe vera  polysaccharides in the same product; the only one on the market! The most concentrated source of polysaccharides and curcumin combined is part of our evidenced-based line of products that will help you support your overall health and your immune system in particular. CoreCumin® with BiAloe® will be one of your go-to products for achieving your health goals.

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